Insulated Concrete Forms

insulated concrete forms

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Insulated concrete forms is in itself a great product when installed properly.

The advantage of that type of foundation is the insulation factor and is made to be built with multiple rebar that give plenty of strength to the structure.

The main issues on that type of foundation is not the product but the lack of knowledge on the install.

The most common issue is water infiltration and here is the reason for it

When poured, the concrete should be flowing with ease and to do so, you must have the proper concrete mix.

leaking insulated concrete forms

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When done properly , the concrete flows trough rebar and plastic web that hold the forms together. (Picture 1)

Failing to do so will create an air pocket or been est ( accumulation of aggregate with little cement). (Picture 2)

Often the pour is not done in one pass and dry between the second pour, creating a weakness where the water will have a way. (Picture 3)

The insulated concrete form has to be installed along with the recommended self adhesive waterproof membrane at the install before backfilling. (Picture 4)

Resolving the problem after construction would require excavation and install a membrane and french drain on the entire foundation.

Since the concrete is not visible and covered with styrofoam it is almost impossible to pinpoint the point of entry of water unless the foundation is stripped of its styrofoam.

Trying to do local waterproofing may only stretch the problem in time and result in further damage.

insulated concrete forms

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insulated concrete form waterproof membrane

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