Cinder Block Foundation

Cinder block foundation consists of hallow blocks piled on one another and joined together with mortar.

This type of foundation in general is found to have the most issues.

Water infiltration

water infiltrationAfter a couple years of service, cinder block move and create hairline cracks in the mortar that hold the blocks together.

When not properly waterproofed, water infiltrates through those cracks and slowly make its way through the hollow blocks and build up in the lower block at the base of the foundation.

This water stays still and evaporates slowly over time by capillaries, leaving a mineral deposit called efflorescence (white crystal powder) on the foundation. (Picture 1)

When exposed for an extended period of time, the block crumbles and needs a total replacement

To prevent and stop water infiltration and deterioration, the foundation needs a total waterproofing and drainage system since multiple entry through hairline cracks may occur. (Picture 2)

When waterproofed and protected, cinder block foundation life expectancy is greatly improved and will give you the peace of mind of many years of service.


Picture 1


Picture 2


Bowed wall

bowed wall

steel beam reinforcement

Picture 3

Often time, cinder block wall will give way to lateral ground pressure that will create an inside bow.

In this situation, two options can be applied.

Replace the foundation or install reinforcement steel beams or retention plates to stabilize and avoid further movement. (Picture 3)




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