Why do I have a white powdery crystal on my foundation wall?

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This white powder is called efflorescence.
It could be found on any concrete surface such as cinder blocks, poured concrete foundation and floors.

What is it and what causes it?
Efflorescence is mineral salt deposit left at the surface after evaporation of water migrating through the concrete.
For that process to happen, you have to have the concrete exposed to water on one side and exposed to air on the other side.
What is happening is that the concrete that is exposed to humidity or damp soil will get soaked with water and migrate through the concrete where it can come out through evaporation.
In its migration, the water carries mineral and release it at the surface on the other side where the evaporation process can occure.

mineral and concrete release

The release of the mineral in the concrete in the long term will create a deterioration of the foundation and significantly reduce the structural value of the foundation.

damage to masonry wall caused by rising moisture

How to fix the efflorescence on your foundation and floors?

To fix the problem, you have to go back to the cause.
If you cut the water contact with the concrete, you stop the process of water migration.
To do so, you have to waterproof the foundation, install a french drain and move the water away from the foundation.

Just trying to remove the efflorescence is like putting a plaster on cancer.
It merely doesn’t work, it will come back, and it is just a matter of time.

Doing it the right way will give you the correct result.
Not only you will stop the degradation of your foundation, but you will find a drastic change in the humidity level in your basement and avoid the formation of mildew and fungus.

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