What is the cost of a foundation repair?

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For a residential home, a foundation repair could range between $1 500,00 to $65 000,00
Why is there such a great range of cost?
Foundation repair cost varies considerably depending on these 7 factors:

1- The type of problems that need to be corrected
2- The type of foundation you have
3- Access to the structure for equipment and labor
4- Excavation difficulty
5- Material cost
6- Size of repair
7- Location

In general, a foundation is likely to have the following problems :

– Cracks in concrete, mortar or cinder blocks
– Water infiltration in basement or crawl space
– Sinking foundation
– Foundation deterioration

Crack repair:

A single crack repair is a relatively low cost, but even there it depends on the damage.
More extensive and more prolonged the crack more is needed to be done, more materials, and more digging.
In general, you could expect a cost of $1 500,00 up to $3 500 for a crack repair

Basement waterproofing:

Basement waterproofing of the perimeter of the house goes into a broader scale scope of work.
It involves excavation , drainage and membrane application.
A single bungalow may take 5 to 7 days to accomplish.
Price range may vary between $15 000,00 to $25 000,00 and more

Foundation stabilization and leveling:

When a house is settling you need hydraulic pushed piers to be installed in order to stabilize and lift the house.
This type of operation usually is costly for it involves specialized types of equipment and engineering.
Price range may vary between $3 500,00 to $65 000,00 and more
The first thing to be able to establish a foundation repair cost is to put all the information together.
This is diagnostic.
Every situation although similar could differ significantly from one another according to the 6 above factor.
No professional in the health care system will prescribe you a pill or an operation before examining you and run some test.
It applies as well in foundation repair.
The good news is that Aspen Foundation Repair evaluations are free for property owners.
We will run a full diagnosis and tell you on site what is happening and how to solve the problem.
With us, you will not have to go through a 1 ½ hrs sale pitch.
We knock at your door, we listen, we inspect, take measurement and info, and you receive your quote a couple of days later by email.
Strait, fast and straightforward.
Our 20 years plus of experience in the field offer you the peace of mind of an excellent Job well done.

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