Should I sell my house with a foundation problem?

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A foundation is the base of your house where all your investment rest.
Putting your head in the sand to not acknowledge the problem won’t do you any good.

Let us look at the fact.

You put your house on the market and the first interested buyer come by.
He will call a home inspector that will pinpoint the problem and will state in his report that a foundation specialist needs to evaluate the damage.
Most of the time after the potential buyer realize what he has to go through back off, and you find yourself at square one.

If you would have the choice to buy a house in the same sector and for the same price would you buy the one that has a problem?
To sell your house you would have to lower the pricedrasticaly, and even then your home will stay on the market a long time before you could sell it.
To get the full value of your house on the market and to sell it fast, the best thing to do is to fix it.
You would tend to believe that investing the money in the repair is a loss of money, but in fact, it’s not.
The problem is there and either way, you look at it, there’s a price to pay.
By doing the work done before selling, you have more contrôle on the cost of the repair.
In the end, you sell your house with confidence and at a full price and value.
Some people try to hide the defect but it will bite back sooner or later and can have a very bitter taste.
The devaluation of a house that has a foundation problem is higher than the price to fix it.
Make your calculations, have some evaluations made.

Aspen Foundation Repair LLC has 20 plus years experience in foundation repair and offers you the peace of mind of a job done right the first time.
We are serving Grand Junction area, Montrose, Delta, Paonia, Silt, Rifle, Glenwood, Vail, Avon and Aspen Area.

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